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Call for application: Stratigraphy Post, University of Barcelona

The Generalitat de Catalunya, within the so‐called Serra Hunter program, has convened a Stratigraphy post for the Department of Earth and Ocean dynamics (University of Barcelona), an interdisciplinary department where Stratigraphy is integrated:

The Stratigraphy group of the University of Barcelona currently focuses on basin analysis and environmental reconstructions applied to both ancient and recent sedimentary records. Tectonic and climatic sedimentation relationships, climatic change analysis and modeling and characterization of hydrocarbon reservoirs and their analogues are the main research lines. The group has direct access to the laboratory facilities of the UB including paleomagnetism and high resolution geochemical analysis. This call for application is open to incorporate additional research proposals and technological approaches.


  • The deadline for this call is September 16th 2018.
  • The first step for application is very easy and potential candidates are encouraged to apply to have time to analyze the call and make a final decision.

Specific data of this call for application:

  • Code: UB-LE-7054 1
  • Category: Tenure-eligible lecturer
  • General profile: Stratigraphy
  • Department: Earth and Ocean Dynamics (University of Barcelona)

Further information can be found in the English version of these URL:

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